Local Visibility SEO

Where Does YOUR Business Rank in the Local Google Maps? 

Local Visibility SEO

I'm guessing you don't know.

This means you can't fix it, because you can't see it. You can't measure it, either.

If you can't measure it, you can't improve it!

To what extent does ranking high in Google local search matter to a business?

Massively, and here's why......

A brand that shows up at the top of local searches gets more than twice as many clicks as one buried four pages down.

Only 27% of local searches are answered with the right local business, even if that business is the best-ranked one on the SERP.

Research reveals that appearing in Google Maps is the #1 best return on your SEO investment.

So, optimize for local first!

When people (YOUR potential customers) are looking for you, but cannot find you because of low visibility scores, your competitors are getting the nibbles.

AND...the trouble is, competition is stiffer than rigor mortis, and it's difficult to know what tactics your competitors are using to reach the same customers.

It's not easy (if you are flying blind) to rank in local search either.

The algorithm is complicated, and it's hard to know which factors affect your metrics.

Remember, these factors are constantly changing, so it's even harder to stay ahead of the game.

Even if you had a vague idea of your local visibility score, what would you do next?

In addition to being time-consuming and expensive, there is no established benchmark for comparing your visibility scores.

Nothing Is More Important than Local Search.

Your location either shows up in the Google Map 3-pack... or it doesn't. And if it doesn't, you have zero visibility in local search.

Today, more than half of internet searches have local intent.

So, if you're constantly out of the loop, you can't innovate or improve your business.

Here's the thing....your competition is getting more savvy and influential in the local search engine results pages (SERPs), and if you're not paying attention, you risk losing all your loyal customers.

It's clear that Google understands the importance of local search results, but how can YOU be sure that your business is reaching out to local customers?

Local search is the lifeblood of any marketing strategy for a local business. There are too many businesses that ignore local search because they simply don't understand how to rank on it.

Are you one of these businesses?

It doesn't help when the so-called 'gurus' out there complicate the process, one saying you should do this, and another saying do that....and charging the earth to do it for you.

Well, it's time to stop being a Billboard in the desert!

Fill out the form below and I'll send you a bird's eye view at multiple scan points, within a 5-mile radius, to accurately represent search results from your area.

This is real 'intel' for your business. You'll instantly be aware of your competition; then you can start fixing what you CAN see!

Take advantage of this FREE service I'm offering you because it's a great way to visualize how you rank in different parts of the city/town.

As far as I know, no-one else is offering this service.

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